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The character of Walden Ideas is inspired directly from the 1854 novel by Henry David Thoreau of the same name. This content is not limited to or by the thoughts expressed in this piece of literature, but the aim is that the spirit of this content is a reflection of the transcendental values of the original.

Described by some as “part personal declaration of independence, social experiment, voyage of spiritual discovery, satire, and self-reliance.”, Thoreau’s Walden describes values and narratives that are at the core of human experience and personal growth.

I couldn’t summarize these ideas any better than that, other than to embody them into a present context by saying that Walden Ideas aims to create deeper meaning for the global citizen by attempting to transcend the mode of everyday media and conversation. In short, we look not to start the conversation at the beginning, but rather to interrupt it at a thoughtful point well into the narrative. The aim, then, is to have a discussion at a higher level of consciousness and awareness by bypassing the surface-level content and exploring both the deeper meaning and the larger picture.

This collection of content is for anyone who yearns to live a life that is rich yet prioritized, simplified yet informed, and impassioned yet grounded.

My hope is that you find value from this site. And please share with others as you feel appropriate.



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